Chicken Coop

Meet the Hens


Rhode Island Red Rooster / Rhode Island White Hen Hybrid

Violet is a 50/50 mix of breeds, but 100% good girl! This well-rounded hen plays well with others, is good at sharing, and will accept pets until your hands get tired.


Black Australorp

Veronica’s a cool little lady who likes to do her own thing but flaps those gorgeous black wings at the other gals to remind them she’s not to be trifled with.


Blue Laced Red Wyandotte

AKA: you wanna catch these feet?! Marigold is a fierce, feisty, fluffy chick who’s left her wildest days behind her but can still bring the sass when the situation calls for it.


Buff Brahma

Lily is a buff brahma who’s not here for the drama. Come for the fluffy feets and stay for the chill vibes with this easygoing gal.


Light Brahma

Daisy is an absolute cuddle bug who loves humans. You can’t pet her just once! Why? 1. She’s too cute. 2. She’ll demand more pets. Let her have ‘em!


Golden Laced Wyandotte

Lookin’ for trouble? Look no further! Petunia is constantly dressing for the job she wants: head hen. Or, if that fails (and it has): Hollywood starlet with those red carpet-ready black and gold feathers.


Brahma Mix with Olive Egger

Iris is a simple gal with simple tastes. Loves: carbs, and being Rose’s deputy. Hates: Any chick who steps out of line. Her nickname isn’t sheriff for nothing!


Barred Plymouth Rock

Rose is smashing the patriarchy by bringing some big rooster energy to her role as top chick. She’s curious, assertive, and knows she looks good with that black and white piping on her royal feathers.

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